5 easy steps to becoming a “modest-waster” (zero-waste for the real life) and other reasons to ditch the straw habit

Checking in on my plastic inventory status – you know it is  " Plastic Free July" right?! Who knew it was even a thing?  I didn’t.   I do know that it is NOT cool to drink from a plastic straw anymore.  It’s like a shameful thing. I had just personally jumped on this bandwagon like right before it went mainstream, I’d like to say.  I am a total trendsetter.  Since then, I have read articles in the Denver Post & Stylist Magazine, and also Starbucks launched their straw-less lid and planned to go straw free by like 2020.

Hoping that bottled water is the next publicly shamed thing

I can imagine a day when people hide their bottled water away in their purse if they have to buy one when they are out and about, as to not show anyone.  Like everyone will point and laugh at people drinking a bottle of water because they are silly enough to spend MONEY and BUY bottled water when you can just as easily plan and fill up a bottle of filtered water at home, and dumb enough to hurt the environment with an easily avoidable single-use plastic.

Back to my plastic-free July

So my kids are making fun of me for being a hippie – there’s a fine line between being a total tree-hugger and an excellent, responsible person I guess. I am finding a right balance.  People are thwarting my anti-plastic efforts all the time.  I posted a pic on Instagram last month where I had sent my little guy out to FILL my refillable filter bottle up from the sink on the train.   He came back with nothing but a PLASTIC BOTTLE OF WATER that a train employee had given him!! Ugh!  It was pretty funny. We’ll chalk it up to excellent service, but still, I was trying hard people.  We don’t eat out often, but I feel like before we even sit down I have to shout out “WE DON’T DO STRAWS!” and proclaim to the waitress that we don’t need kid water glasses. Otherwise, it's automatic that they bring them right over.  Gone are the days where its “water by request only” – maybe its still that way in CA but not here in Colorado.


Modest Waste or Zero Waste?

So, I decided we’re going for “Modest Waste” instead of “Zero Waste.”  A more achievable, practical goal for our family and us. However, we are a family of 7, so I do feel like we can make an excellent little impact just because we are a large family.  AND if I am teaching my kids these things now, it will have a trickle-down effect for when they get older, and maybe even their friends will see their good habits.


So, without further ado, here are my 5 Tips to Reduce Plastic Waste

Use A Stainless Steel Bottle

Use filtered water, find a stainless steel bottle you love, and carry a BG Filter bottle for a back up.  Drink Body Glove filtered water at home and be a planner and bring your favorite stainless steel bottle out with you for the day.  FILL IT UP BEFORE YOU LEAVE.  It does take a few extra minutes, but it is so worth it.  You’ll drink better, cleaner water, be kind to the earth, and save tons and tons of money.  I have an insulated tote that I load up, and it helps me carry all the bottles for the kids and keep track of them. Also, bring one of our filter bottles as a backup.  Once you run out of your water you can fill up ANYWHERE (I mean lakes, streams, a hose, gross water fountain, where ever!!!) and not buy bottled water.



No more ziploc plastic bags.  A reusable alternative would be Stasher Bags.  I bought some from Target, and I just ordered some from Stasher after my husband saw them on Shark Tank.  I thought I had a great idea to invent CLEAR see through reusable baggies and I guess Stasher already did it.  Darn.  There goes my million dollar idea.

Using your reusable bags is kind of a “duh”, I know.  But I got out of this habit until recently.  I don’t know; I was lazy I guess.  When I do the order online/pick up feature at my grocery store, I have been asking, and they give me paper bags and skip the produce bags.  They will do this for you if you ask.

EXTRA BONUS POINTS FOR REUSABLE WRAP:  No more Saran wrap.  I just got some Etee reusable wraps.  Not sure if this is crossing the line into the crazy zero-waster tree hugging territory, but I am going to try it out!



If I didn’t somehow refuse the single-use plastic OR I buy something that is single-use plastic I wash it off and put it in a container in my pantry so we can use it for another purpose.  Doing this is good and thrifty, single-use becomes at least dual-use and inspires the kids for fun crafty things.  Also, it comes in handy when you need that perfect little container you don’t need to go out and buy something new.



I read a great article about plastic straw use in the Washington Post titled “Are you still grasping at Plastic Straws?”   Environmental concerns aside, there are a host of other reasons to ditch the straw: they cause LIP WRINKLES PEOPLE – think smoker “pucker lines” - cause gas and bloating, the potential for cavities, exposure to chemicals, and even can cause you to increase your sugar and alcohol intake due to mindless and rapid drinking.

BONUS POINTS: Buy reusable straws like SS or bamboo ones.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you about the wrinkles though.  Sea turtles all over the world will high-five their cute little flippers and thank you!!



For the most part, I have stopped buying single-use, snack-sized, prepackaged stuff. This is a hard one, because of the convenience factor.  Time is precious and a rare commodity for this momma of five.  BUT I have found that I am saving us some good money, and it’s not that bad once you get in the habit.


I might come up with five more for next time; I am just getting started over here.


Until next time,


“Modest Waste Michele” signing off!

Michele Avignon Gravina

Water, Inc. Brand Ambassador

Self-proclaimed #watersnob

& single-use plastic hater and straw refuser!





Personal Plastic Inventory

beat plastic pollution



Beat Plastic Pollution

This year's World Environment Day  theme was "Beat Plastic Pollution."  Right up my alley, right??  We certainly push the benefits of our BodyGlove Filter Bottle to replace plastic bottle water on the go, and our BodyGlove systems for the home.  But, the #beatplasticpollution got me thinking, specifically about single-use plastic that our family uses.  I mean, I am ANTI-bottled water, but what about all the other stuff???????  Not so much.

I grew up in Southern California, where environmental concerns were at the forefront even 30 years ago.  We were raised never to pollute the ocean and campaigns like "Keep Tahoe Blue."  I always cut the six-pack, plastic ring, soda packaging because I didn’t want it to end up in the ocean hurting a fish.  We saw the trash and crap that washed up on OUR beach at it was sad.


world environment day


Personal Plastic Inventory

Fast forward, after settling in land-locked Colorado, I have become complacent, not really noticing plastic and just buying whatever, regardless of the packaging.  The giant ocean trash patch and marine life dying from ingesting plastic garbage are real things and real problems. It’s just easier to ignore when you don’t see the ocean each day. We have a large family, a whole gaggle of kids, and we can accumulate a lot of trash.  So, I experimented on myself and took a “Personal Plastic Inventory” of my weekend.  Mind you these are only the things I can remember, so you know there is more!


reduce plastic waste


Saturday Notes

Newspaper first thing Saturday AM, in a plastic bag.  I know. I still get the paper and love it. Call me a dinosaur. They always wrap the paper in a plastic bag now. I remember growing up they only did it when the forecast called for rain. At my favorite local flea market, I had Panera for breakfast.  My bagel was on a regular plate, regular knife but the cream cheese was in 2 little plastic containers.  I got my coffee-to-go which of course has a plastic top.  I found this impressive garden statue circa 1930.  Since it is old, it is solid concrete, not the plastic resin crap they make now.  So that was a score.  When I bought some dresses, I did decline the bag, putting the goods in my stroller.  Kettle corn was smelling my name, and that was in a plastic bag.

Next was Whole Foods.  My milk, sushi for lunch, pre-cut mango chunks, buns for hamburgers, and prewashed lettuce, all in big bulky rigid plastic containers.   Even my bulk peanut butter had to go in a plastic bottle of course.  Plastic produce bag for my potatoes.  I did skip the bag for my avocado and tomato.  And I forgot my reusable shopping bags.  Damn.  But they supply paper at WF.

It was hot, and the kids had fun playing outside. Drank Gatorade. Honesty, I think they each had at least two, and for the three of my kids that partook, that’s at least six plastic bottles, and one of my little stinkers loves to drink and get a new straw out with each drink.

Dinner preparation with Blue Apron.  All that packaging!!  Its so amazing though and delicious and most of the stuff is recyclable.  We used paper plates for dinner.  Not plastic, but still extra trash for the dump.


world environment day


Sunday Notes

Another newspaper bag….washing strawberries for breakfast I did lament over the two large plastic containers holding the berries.  Whatever happened to those cute green cardboard ones?  Grocery shopping at King Soopers again - my broccoli, snap peas and mushrooms were in plastic containers.  My cucumber was wrapped in plastic, baby carrots and big carrots all in plastic bags.  The peonies I bought for a friend covered in plastic.  And I forgot my damn bags AGAIN.  Four months post-partum.  Can I still blame this on baby brain??

We planted our garden…then the hubby ran to the garden store to get our tomatoes, peppers, etc.  Some were in the biodegradable cups, some in plastic. Note to self - buy all bio cups next year.


earth day


Things I am doing good:

  • I’m a BodyGlove filter water lover of course and always use this to fill my Hydroflask and Yeti SS bottles & cups
  • I love to use my Planetbox to pack my hubs and kids lunch so no plastic baggies
  • I LOVE using my Life Without Plastic SS cups and plates for the kids instead of plastic kiddie crap.
  • I am now paying much closer attention, that’s half the battle I am sure.


Things I am doing bad:

  • I fall into the “easy way out” trap with pre-packaged stuff
  • I buy lots of single serve items and snacks for the kids out of convenience.
  • Just figured plastic is OK as long as I recycle, but now am taking the time to remember all the crude oil that goes into just making the plastic itself.
  • I forget and don’t plan and bring my reusable bags.
  • I have plastic straws for the kids. Will NOT buy again after my recent research.
  • Plastic silverware for lunches out of convenience.
  • Buying premade electrolyte drinks in plastic bottles when I can make my own with filtered water or REHYDRATE from my friend @mytrainerjill.


To DO:

  • Signed up for FinalStraw
  • Put reusable bags in the car so can’t forget them next time
  • Buy reusable produce bags and reusable snack bags for the kids
  • Make better choices when available.  Ex: buy the mushrooms in the cardboard, not the plastic box
  • Make electrolyte pitcher each day for kids to tap into quickly.
  • Join the #plasticfreetuesday campaign and DO IT
  • Shop at Farmers markets this summer because they will sell without packaging


Foreseeable challenges:

  • Lack of time (No more prepackaged, prewashed and pre-cut items).
  • I do the online shopping thing most of the time from a local grocery. I pull up at the store; they load my car with the plastic baggies.  Wonder if I can swap it out right then and there and put in my reusable bags??



Little things add up!  Let's all do a self-check and look at what we can do to use less plastic.  With my big family, I want to do something drastic and cut the plastic!  With all the plastic pollution taking its toll in the world, let's beat plastic pollution.


Open for any great ideas from you! Email me michele@waterinc.com or DM on Instagram

Michele Avignon Gravina

Water, Inc. Brand Ambassador

self-proclaimed #watersnob

& newfound single-use plastic hater and straw refuser!



“Thumbs Up” Service Department

How can we help you?

Water, Inc. was founded in 1977 with old-fashioned values. To offer the best products available and do what is right to take care of our customers with our in-home warranty service.  As one of our customers wrote: "A company is perceived by the image it projects."  We always strive to do just this - from the point of sale to sale support or any problems that could potentially arise.

water filtration service

Customer Feedback

Our CEO frequently gets emails and calls from customers who sing praises of our “Thumbs-up” service department.  The focus of this blog post is our main technician who services our Southern California market – we'll call him Mr. Blue Hands – he has been with the company for 30 years and counting.  The nickname was born from the signature blue gloves he wears during in-home warranty service calls.  He's been showered with compliments recently, and they inspired this post.


Here are a few quotes from customers regarding Mr. Blue Hands:

“I would like to commend your service staff.  They were helpful and pleasant.  The service tech Mr. Blue Hands was super knowledgeable and handled my problem quickly and professionally. Happy Customer!” - Bob


“Hi Major, Your repairman was at our house on Friday and replaced the EverCold unit with a brand new upgraded model. I have to thank you and your repairman for the prompt attention paid to my complaint. Your company is number one in customer service! If you ever need a referral, I will give you and your company an “A” rating. Thanks again!” - Darrell


“Good morning Major, we had a service call with Mr. Blue Hands yesterday to correct my stupidity of not changing the filter!!!! My wife raved about him, his courtesy, knowledge and I wanted you to know how impressive the whole experience was for us.  It is not at all surprising the quality of the service call and the manner in which Mr. Blue Hands represented Water, Inc.  I know you always strive for quality but thought you might want to hear some first-hand feedback.  Warmest regards!” - Ian & Faye


“Hi Major, just wanted you to know how great Mr. Blue Hands was on his service call today. He really knows his stuff and immediately knew what the problem was and proceeded to repair our unit.  Courteous, professional....even had the parts in his truck: Exactly what a customer wants in a service call in their home. 'A company is perceived by the image it projects.' Clearly, you have instilled this with Mr. Blue Hands.  Soooooooo, perhaps you would consider doubling his salary---or, buy him an ice cream---or something in-between. Keep up the great work!” - Jim


“Dear Mr. Major Avignon, thank you very much for providing us with excellent service - replacement H-300 by BG-3000C system. Mr. Blue Hands is a very skillful and nice technician. We are happy to deal with such organized and competent company.”  - Boris & Eugenia


“Mr. Blue Hands was out today at my house today to do a repair, and I was very pleased. Mr. Blue Hands is knowledgeable, courteous, and professional and I recommend your company to all my family and friends.”  - Mr. Miller



Forward-Thinking Service

The most recent addition to Water, Inc.'s “Thumbs-up” service team was the hire of our National Service Manager, Jamie almost two years ago.  Jamie keeps busy traveling the country, training technicians on how to install and service our products, and improving installation materials. If your team would like a visit from Jamie, please reach out.


Please be sure to follow our company Instagram page as well for exciting water quality facts and concerns, tips, kitchen design, and other pretty things.

Thank you for being our valued customers and letting us service your water filtration needs.

Michele Avignon Gravina

Water, Inc. Brand Ambassador & self-proclaimed #watersnob


Water, Inc. Earth Day 2018 Contest

UPDATE: Water, Inc. Earth Day Giveaway


Our Earth Day Giveaway was a huge success!  Thank you to all who participated.  You can order a Body Glove Filter Bottle here if you missed out.

We shipped out 27 Body Glove Filter Bottles to 14 different states:


  • Hawaii
  • Connecticut
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Texas
  • Louisiana
  • New York
  • Arizona
  • Oregon
  • Wisconsin
  • North Dakota
  • Florida
  • North Carolina
  • Oklahoma


Celebrate Earth Day

At 300 fill-ups each that’s equivalent to over 8000 plastic bottles being saved from landfills!  What a great way to celebrate Earth Day all year long.  There are so many ways you can use your filter bottles – Body Glove Filter Bottles can be filled with any water source except salt water.  We want to see where you are using them!


Remember to post pictures with your BG Filter Bottle, tag us in the picture and caption, and use the hashtags:

#waterinc  #bodyglovewaterfilter


Post a photo and you will be entered in our photo contest, you could win the grand prize.

Grand Prize Winner

We’ll announce our grand prize winner of a Body Glove Water Filter System for your home in January.  Our inside office staff will choose their favorite image for the winner.  Pictures are already coming in, they are looking great!


Spread The Word

And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram (Water_inc) and like us on FaceBook (Water, Inc.), and subscribe to this blog.

earth day 2018

Earth Day 2018 Giveaway & Body Glove Filter Bottle Photo Contest

End Plastic Pollution

Can you imagine a world without plastic pollution?  Our Body Glove Filter Bottle is a great way to reduce plastic waste, save money, and stay hydrated with clean water while you are traveling.  From a trip of a lifetime to Machu Pichu, a trek through New Zealand, an Italian adventure, a simple weekend camping trip or a fly-fishing outing, we want to see where you’re going and how you are using your Body Glove Filter Bottle!

Earth Day 2018 Free Giveaway

In honor of Earth Day (4/22/18), through the month of April, Water, Inc. will give away ONE FREE filter bottle a day – our way of encouraging you to reduce plastic waste.  Retail value of $52.95!!

Body Glove Filter Bottle Photo Contest

We want to see how you are enjoying your Body Glove Water Filter Bottle:  Where are you traveling?  Where are you filling up your bottle?  How well does the water taste when you fill it up from an ice cold stream on a hike with your family?  How great does it feel to save money on water while you’re backpacking through Europe?  Send us your travel pics with your Body Glove Filter Bottle and you might win our Grand Prize at the end of the year.


How  to earn your FREE bottle (One bottle will be given away each day in April 2018):

#1 – Follow us on Instagram (Water_inc) and like us on FaceBook (Water, Inc.)

#2 – Send an email to michele@waterinc.com titled “Earth Day Contest,” tell her your travel plans and provide her with your mailing address to send the Body Glove Water Filter Bottle.

How to enter the Earth Day 2018 photo contest:

When you get to your destination, post pictures and videos of you filling up your bottle and take advantage of the FREE, SAFE filtered water anywhere you go!

Tag us in the picture and the caption, and use the hashtags:





In January 2019, the Water, Inc. employees in our office get to choose their favorite pic, and the winner will receive a Body Glove Water Filtration System for their home! Either a BG3000 or a BG6000 Full Flow system (retail value of $550-$660).


Thank you for your interest in helping our mother earth and putting an end to plastic pollution.  We can’t wait to see the fun entries!!


Raw Water: Asking for Dysentery

Should I use a reverse osmosis water filter?

I am laughing physically out loud, as I have now perhaps read it all. I am kidding; of course, I know there will be another new hair-brained trend that starts tomorrow. But for today, I have heard it all, especially when it comes to my industry – water filtration.

The Raw Water trend. Drinking “raw water.” NBC, Washington Post, New York Times, Forbes, just to name a few are talking about this. It’s a real thing I guess.

Raw Water defined by Wikipedia =  Raw water is natural water found in the environment that has not been treated and does not have any of its minerals, ions, particles, bacteria, or parasites removed. Raw water includes rainwater, groundwater, water from infiltration wells, and water from bodies like lakes and rivers.

Between all the buzz of raw foods, whole foods, superfoods, living foods, and just getting as “unprocessed” as possible, maybe this was the next logical step for those seeking the next level in health trends.  They can’t think of anything else to eat raw so let’s move on to what we drink. There are pressed juice, kombuchas, unpasteurized and raw milk, etc. Why not try water in the “raw? ” We all know there are risks to drinking raw and unpasteurized items. I was just pregnant, and all these things are on the “no-no” list while pregnant for a reason.  Those same risks (if not more) are present with raw, untreated, unfiltered water. Raw water sounds like you are asking for a case of dysentery to me!

So thinks Wikipedia, too.  The definition goes on to say “….Raw water is unsafe for human consumption due to the presence of contaminants. A major health problem in some developing countries is the use of raw water for drinking and cooking.” Duh.  

Here’s the deal. If the raw water trend is appealing because you doubt municipal water treatments safety or efficacy, or you have old rusty pipes at home or work,  just filter your water yourself. Ask yourself what you want your filter to do?  Some people want the extra stuff (naturally occurring minerals) in their water, and others just want simple, pure H-2-O.

If you like the flavor and the benefits of the naturally occurring minerals from your water supply, use a fine carbon filtration system. I like to say that our line of Body Glove Water Filter Systems filter out bad and leave in the good. Depending on the filter you choose (BG1000, BG3000, BG120000, or BG6000FF), it will take out the chlorine and chloramines from municipal treatment, lead, other harmful chemicals, and even pharmaceuticals.

If you want to remove minerals, such as fluoride, in addition to the things mentioned above, opt for a Reverse Osmosis system.  Although a reverse osmosis water filter wastes water to make water, it leaves you with pure H2O.

Raw water? Heck no! If you’re concerned about your health and well-being leave the “raw” for your sushi plate and drink your water filtered.

Michele Avignon Gravina

Water, Inc’s brand ambassador &

Self-proclaimed filtered water snob.

Part of the Water Inc Team: Meet Mitch

Meet Mitch

Please join us in welcoming Mitch de Sevren Jacquet to Water, Inc.! He accepted the position as Territory Manager at Water, Inc. for the San Fernando Valley area at the end of 2017. Mitch joins the Water, Inc. team with 22 years of experience as a Division Manager, Sales Professional, Team Leader and Sales Manager.

His skill set includes:
• account planning
• creating strategies to reach and exceed sales targets
• team leadership
• building presentations for sales training

Mitch brings retail and outside sales experience to the Water, Inc. sales team as well. His sales experience includes wholesale distributors, retail showrooms, mechanical plumbers, developers and architects.

Mitch worked at Parker Hannifin in the Aerospace division from 1990 to 1994 as a Machinist’s Apprentice. He was promoted to Department Manager for the tool division at Parker Hannifin before transitioning to the decorative plumbing industry.  He then worked for Pacific Sales from 1995 to 1999 where he was crossed trained in selling appliances and decorative plumbing, and then promoted to Manager of the Plumbing Department in San Dimas. He then moved on to an 18 year career with Grohe America.  Mitch managed accounts such as Ferguson, Hirsch Pipe, Todd Pipe, Smardan, Hajoca, Express Pipe, Winnelson and independent decorative plumbing accounts. During his time at Grohe America, he was promoted from Territory Sales Manager to Southern California Team Leader.

In His Own Words

Thank you to Major Avignon and Rick Tarantino for giving me the opportunity to work here. Water, Inc. is truly a wonderful company with fantastic people and great products, and it is a blessing to be a part of. I can hardly believe that my first months have already gone by. You know what they say, “Time flies when you are having fun!”

We Are Thankful

Water, Inc. is thrilled to have Mitch join our team! We know that he will excel in continuing to grow and develop relationships in the strong Southern California market. We look forward to Mitch sharing his expertise in the decorative plumbing industry and appreciate his eagerness to learn more about water filtration education and the Perlick appliance side of our distribution company.

bodyglove water filters vs plastic

The Reality of Recycling

Did You Know?

Recently we read an eye‐opening article from the New York Times regarding China and their ban on recycling plastics and paper products from other countries. Click here to read the article.

The United States has been sending millions of tons of scrap paper and scrap plastics annually to China, but China will no longer be accepting our materials for recycling. Now we (and many other parts of the world) are scrambling to figure out what to do with our 6th largest export to China.

Is Recycling Really Working?

What this New York Times article makes us think about is the reality of recycling, which we’d venture to guess a lot of folks aren’t apprised of. We think we are doing our part when we toss our single‐use, individual serving sized bottled water container into the recycling bin. But maybe we shouldn’t be using those bottles in the first place. Putting plastic bottles in the recycle bin isn’t a magical solution that easily makes the bottle disappear.

The reality of recycling: it takes a lot of energy and resources to do make it happen. The scrap plastic has to be processed and washed at our local facilities (using energy and water to do so). Then it must be transported all the way to China (costing more gas and emissions)! Then you need to use equipment to actually recycle it (more emissions, energy, and pollution). Some people do the calculations and think recycling is kind of “a wash” in terms of what it costs to the environment. And now, China isn’t going to recycle it for us, so where is it all gonna go?

How Can You Do Your Part?

We at Water, Inc. feel very strongly about bottled water, and this is yet another reason to stop buying and using it. We offer our line of Body Glove Water Filter Systems as an alternative for you to refill your drinking container.

One BG‐12000 cartridge gives you about a year’s worth of filtered water.

Want to know how many plastic water bottles that saves from the trash or recycling?

7,573 Plastic Bottles!

And as an extra step, we have a free and easy recycle program for the cartridge. So that’s one cartridge that needs to be recycled vs. over 7,000 bottles each year. That seems like a good common sense tradeoff!

Please click here to visit our website today to find the water filtration system that’s right for you and for our environment.

Head over to our dealer locator to find a store near you to purchase a system and say goodbye to plastic bottles!

The E Coli Scare and the kitchen tool that can protect your family

Currently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is investigating an E. coli outbreak in the US and Canada that is possibly linked to romaine lettuce. Over 50 people have been sickened and at least one person has died. Consumer Reports says to stop eating romaine lettuce until the cause is located, and the product has been removed from the marketplace. As I am typing this blog entry and have been reading about the subject over the past couple of days, more recent articles are saying it may be too soon to blame just romaine lettuce and are broadening the caution to leafy greens.

“It is clear that the E.coli bacteria that made the U.S. victims and the Canadian victims sick are closely related. Canada has identified the source as romaine lettuce,” says Jean Halloran of Consumer Reports. “Right now the CDC is saying it could be other leafy greens, but until we have more corroborating evidence, we continue to think it prudent to avoid romaine lettuce for now.”

So this leaves things a little uncertain and makes consumers a little uneasy. What IS certain is there are risks with our food coming from many sources all over the place – risks of bacteria and other contamination scares. I remember recently there was also a listeria scare, and the packaged salads to avoid were being sold in every type of grocery from Whole Foods to Costco.

A good way to provide some relief and peace of mind would be with our Ozone Faucet. This is the main kitchen faucet, with an ozone generator that installs under the sink. With the touch of a button, the faucet delivers a powerful 10-second burst of ozonated water.

In 2001, the FDA approved the use of Ozone commercially for food processors to kill food-borne pathogens. Now, Water, Inc. brings Ozone technology into your kitchen, right at your fingertips! Ozonated water kills over 99% of bacteria and has 3,000 times the bacteria-killing ability of chlorine. It destroys the membrane layer of bacteria, causing it to disintegrate.

This is such a powerful tool for you to have in your home and protect your family. It is so healthy to eat fruits and veggies, but at the same time so scary what kind of contamination can come from our food sources.  From packaged foods to fresh produce plucked from the farmers’ market, there’s no guarantee that you will be safe.  But you can reduce your risk with the power of an ozone faucet.

There are many other benefits of ozonated water: it extends the life of your produce, removes pesticides and odors. Click here to read more about this amazing faucet. Ask your local dealer for pricing and availability (click this link to look up a dealer). Or call us directly at 800-322-9283* for help finding the best place to purchase. Our receptionist would be happy to help you.

* Office hours are M-F 8AM – 5PM PST, closed for lunch from 12:30 – 1:30.

The above quotation from Consumer Reports was sourced from this article


Give the Gift of Filtered Water – the perfect stocking stuffer!

Happy Holidays!

All of us at Water, Inc. wish you and yours a wonderful close to 2017 and look
forward to an incredible 2018!

Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer?

Give the gift of filtered water this season, with the Body Glove Water Filtration Bottle. Our Body Glove Water Filtration Bottle is the perfect gift for the traveller, adventure seeker, hunter, fisherman, or anyone who is aware of water quality and wants perfectly filtered water anytime, anywhere!

From a mountain stream, a hotel room sink, or a drinking fountain around town, you will have the convenience of safe and great tasting water anytime.

You can support a local dealer and buy a bottle direct through our website. The discounted price is under $43 and ready to ship out today just in time for the holidays!


What’s so special about our bottles?

Each bottle produces up to 100 gallons of great-tasting water, which is equal to 757 half liters of bottled water that are typically bought out on the go.

Key Features:

  • Produces up to 100 gallons of filtered water or more, depending upon the quality of the source water.
  • Produces up to 100 gallons of filtered water or more, depending upon the quality of the source water.
  • Has a flip top with suck straw for drinking and a screw on/off cap for easy filling.
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to use.
  • All materials are FDA food grade approved and BPA-Free.
  • Filter is replaceable.
  • Body Glove exclusive filters are the most laboratory and field-tested of their kind

The patented Ionic-Adsorption Micro-Filtration System reduces up to 99.99% of the following zones of contamination:

a. Aesthetics: Unpleasant tastes, odor, clarity, chlorine, sand and sediment.

b. Biologics: Harmful microscopic pathogens such as Cryptosporidium, Giardia, and other waterborne cysts and spores.

c. Chemicals: Toxic chemicals, detergents, pesticides, harmful industrial and agricultural wastes, DDT, Benzene, MTBE, Chromium 6, Cadmium, Arsenic, Nitrates, and THMs.d. Dissolved Solids: Heavy metals such as aluminum, copper, lead, mercury, fluoride, Radon 222 and others.