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The team at Water, Inc. would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our blog!  We are a California-based company thatspecializes in providing consumers across America with quality products that filter, heat, brew, chill, soften and dispense water.

Water, Inc. is so much more than a website.  We offer far more than a typical online store, we are a customer-focused company that distributes products through a network of respected local stores.  We are a company with employees who are passionate about water and what we have to offer. From our receptionist, to the tech department, to our sales reps, we have built a reputation as a dedicated quality group.

We offer a variety of supreme products including water filters, filtration systems, Ever Hot Systems, faucets andHousePure whole house filtration systems to customers across the United States. We put our focus on providing consumers with premium products for the kitchen, bath and entire home.

Our History

When our founding president, Major Avignon started our company in the late 1970s, there was very little interest in water filtration. In fact, his wife may have called him crazy back in the day!  Today however, the majority of people in the United States are concerned about the safety and quality of their drinking water. More and more people have also grown concerned with the consumption of costly bottled water.

Over the years, Water, Inc., along with our network of kitchen and bath showrooms and dealers, has grown to become a leading provider of quality drinking water systems. If you require a safe product that conveniently filters the water you use in your home, we have exactly what you need and a stunning lead free faucet to match your kitchen decor.At the same time, we are all looking for products that make our day-to-day run smooth and swiftly.  This is why we developed  productswith instant gratification in mind: with an EverBrew, your morning coffee is always on time and freshly brewed; with our EverCold, you will always have access to icy cold water for refreshing drinks; and with our EverHot, your cup of tea is hot and ready in a flash.

We’re Focused on Excellent Customer Service

Please take the time to browse through our website to read about some of our premium products. If you find any products you’re interested in, please feel free to look up a local dealer in your area. You can also use the‘Contact Us’ form that’s on our website to ask us any questions you may have. We promise to respond in a very timely manner to address your queries. We aim to demystify the process of buying quality water systems and we encourage your questions so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

We plan on using this space to share company news and information with you. We will also be posting regular reading materials here related to the topics of water quality & safety, filtration systems, water filters, faucets and more. We hope you stop by often to see what’s new!

Our Water Filtration Systems Received WQA Certification!

The team at Water Inc. is extremely excited to share some great news with you all! We’d like to let both our current customers and prospective customers know that we are now part of an elite group that has coveted WQA Sustainability Certification for our Body Glove Water Filters.

What Our WQA Certification Means

The Water Quality Association (WQA) is an unbiased, international trade association that represents the residential, commercial and industrial water treatment industry. The WQA recently set forth to create standards in order to provide consumers, water professionals and other stakeholders with meaningful sustainability information about water filtration products. They also had the goal of driving sustainability and innovation in the industry. A group of leading industry manufacturers and suppliers assisted the WQA in developing a suite of sustainability standards for activated carbon drinking water treatment products.

Achieving this important certification from the WQA for our Body Glove core-line filters including the BG-12000, BG-3000, BG-1000 systems and replacement cartridges as well as for the BG3000R retrofit cartridge clearly demonstrates that we are leaders in the industry with our top-of-the-line family of water filters.
Our Commitment to Being Green Goes Above and Beyond

The Body Glove water filtration systems meet the WQA’s S-803 standards with our (minimum of) 70% recycled product boxes, and our outstanding recycling program for used cartridges.  These features are in addition to the already “green” concept of filtering your water instead of drinking from plastic bottles.

We are so very proud of this new certification we’ve achieved because it’s a new standard and we’re in the first group to be certified! Earning this certification proves that our company has both the integrity and the insight to add these extra green features into the Body Glove product line.

If you’d like to learn about this recently earned certification in greater detail, you can find our press release here. Water, Inc. has been an industry leader in quality water products for longer than 3 decades. We’re passionate about what we do and continue to strive to provide our customers with excellent products that are safe and convenient to use.


Discover the Many Great Uses for EverHot!

Are you tired of having to wait for your microwave or kettle to heat up when you want to enjoy a steaming hot cup of instant coffee or tea? Then you should become acquainted with our EverHot Instant Hot Water System! With this device in your kitchen, you can enjoy your favorite instant, gourmet coffees and savory international teas you love when you want them.

With EverHot, you’ll get steaming, instant hot water on demand for all types of things you enjoy including instant coffee, teas, hot oatmeal and instant soups. This means you can say goodbye to those days when you’d have to stand at the sink waiting impatiently for the water to heat up to a useable temperature.

Why spend your precious time standing around waiting for your microwave or boiling kettle to finish heating up the water you need? With EverHot, you will get piping hot, 190 degree water instantly right at your fingertips!

Once you’ve installed and used EverHot just one time, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it. This is the type of product you’ll use all day, everyday in your kitchen. It’s ideal for the busy family on the go that doesn’t have time to wait for water to boil.

Enjoy the Versatility of EverHot

In addition to heating up hot water for instant coffee, tea, cocoa, cider, instant noodles & hot cereals, there are lots of uses for your EverHot instant hot water dispenser including:

  • Boil pasta water in no time for fast, hassle-free meals
  • Heat up the ice cream scoop for easy scooping
  • Soak cooking pans, pots and casserole dishes for easy, fast cleanup
  • Open stubborn jars easilyCarefully let the EverHot water run over the lid for easy removal
  • Remove labels fast
  • Quickly thaw frozen foods
  • Safely warm baby bottles

As you can see, there are many convenient uses for EverHot and we’re sure you can come up with a few more of your own! If you think for a moment just how often you use hot water, imagine how much time you can save so you can get things done quickly. EverHot gives you instant hot water at your fingertips so you can spend more time relaxing and doing what you want to do instead of having to wait for water to heat up.

Pair EverHot Instant Hot Water with a BodyGlove Water Filter

We recommend pairing your EverHot system with one of our Body Glove water filter systems. Because after all, everyone prefers good tasting hot water as opposed to water that isn’t quality. Our BodyGlove filter removes sediment from the water, which can easily build up in the tank to cause it to fail. This means that when you put filtered water into the EverHot, it will extend the life of the hot tank to give you more bang for your buck!

Instead of just having a HOT only faucet, a good idea is to have a dual lever faucet that features a HOT and COLD side with EverCold. Then, using the EverHot and one of our popular BG filtrations systems, you’ll have instant hot filtered water at your disposal on the left and clean, chilled filtered water on the right.

Easy to Put in & Energy-Friendly!

The compact, half-gallon reservoir installs easily under your sink and with it’s generous capacity of sixty cups of hot water per hour, you’ll never again run out of steaming hot water when you need it. EverHot is energy-friendly as it uses less electricity than a 40-watt light bub and costs less than $2 to use each month.

With fall here and winter on its way, this is the time of the year when your family uses more hot water than ever. From needing hot water for those warming delicious teas for yourself and cups of soothing hot cocoa for the kids, EverHot is sure to become your favorite item in the kitchen when the temperatures dip.

Water Test Kits Ensure Drinking Water is Safe, Healthy & Clean

Consumers concerned about the purity of the drinking water they use in their homes or businesses can benefit by testing their water using water test kits. An Enviropure test kit is a superior way to determine if contaminants are present in your water so you can decide what type of water filter is right for you.

Water test kits are simple to use and provide results in just a few minutes. A water test kit makes it easy to quickly determine the purity of your water wherein you can fit a water filtration system into your home or business so you always have access to fresh, clean and healthy water. Enviropure test kits adhere to all EPA standards and are designed to make testing water easy with clear, understandable results.

Importance of Clean Drinking Water

Knowing that the drinking water you use is safe will help safeguard those using it from potentially serious health risks. Not only is contaminated water unsafe for humans it also poses risks to pets as they too drink and bathe in it. Even if the water in your area is considered safe to use, this does not mean that there are no problems in your home or business. For example, lead or galvanized pipes in older buildings and lead-based soldering material used on copper pipes or in faucets in newer builds may contaminate the water coming from the tap.

What Water Test Kits Determine

When a water test kit is used, it will check for unsafe levels of lead, chlorine, iron, pesticides and nitrates. It also will check the pH level of your water to determine if the acidity is too high. If the acidity levels are higher than normal in the drinking water you use, corrosion can cause lead to seep from pipes as well as do damage to your water supply system and water heater.

Lead was widely used in plumbing systems inside homes and businesses until the 1980s. Even low levels of lead have been linked to serious health issues such as physical or mental development problems in children and kidney problems and high blood pressure in adults. Therefore it is essential to find out if the pH level of your drinking water is corrosive.

If you currently have a water filter installed, it’s recommended that you test your water at least once per month to ensure that the system is performing as it should. This regular testing will also help you know when it’s time to change your water filter or if you need a more effective system.

Easy to Use and Accurate Results

The Enviropure water test kits we sell do not require any mixing or measuring and they provide results quickly. These kits are safe and convenient, lab-tested for accuracy and provide you with the results you need right on the spot.

Instead of wondering and worrying about the quality of the drinking water you use, visit our main website for water filtration information, and purchase an affordable water test kit.

Filter Your Drinking Water and Go Big with Whole Home Filtration

Testing your water can be a great starting point to figuring out which Body Glove Water Filter
is right for you.  All of our core-line Body Glove Water Filter Systems* install under the sink, integrating into your kitchen’s style, and are Certified to the Sustainability Standard of the Water Quality Association.  They also produce high-quality, safe drinking water for you and your family.

Take clean water to the next level in your home with HousePure’s  whole home filtration.  Filter the water at every point in your home with our HousePure Whole House Water Filter. Or you can filter your home’s water and protect your pipes and fixtures from harmful scale buildup with our revolutionary salt-free and chemical freeHousePure Scale Stop System.

Contact Water Inc. today at 1-800-322-9283 for more information!

* Core-Line Body Glove Water Filter Systems are: BG-12000, BG-3000, BG-1000 and BG-6000FF Full Flow.

Listen to Major Avignon on Home Talk USA!

This weekend, Major will be talking to the Cajun Contractor about the most important room in the home: can you guess what that is?  Tune in on Saturday or Sunday to find out, details are below. 

Home Talk USA is hosted by Michael King, an experienced state-licensed general contractor. Home Talk first aired in New Orleans, Louisiana in 2004.  Michael has earned a reputation as the most influential person in home improvement media, and his radio show has since grown to reach all 50 states through syndication and webcasting.

Home Talk discusses many topics and issues concerning home improvement, introduces the consumer to new and innovative products, provides access to industry experts, and advocates for a fair and mutual relationship between the consumer and contractor.

Listen below to a recently aired Home Talk show featuring Major, Mr. King, and some great products Water, Inc has to offer.  They discuss the importance of shopping local to stimulate our local economies, and Major talks about Water, Inc’s Dealer Locator.  Major also highlights some great Water, Inc. products that are made in the USA!

Click here to listen to his most recently aired show!

Home Talk USA is perfect for consumers and contractors looking for some home improvement knowledge, new ideas, and of course, you gotta love Michael King’s spirit and expertise.  Listen to all episodes of Home Talk USA here.

And don’t forget to tune in THIS WEEKEND to the show!  Major will be talking to the Cajun Contractor about the most important room in the home: can you guess what that is?

There are 2 chances to listen live:

Saturday, March 22nd @ 1:30pm – 2pm PST

Sunday, March 23rd @ 12:30pm – 1pm PST

Follow this link to the GCN Radio Network Live to hear the on demand as it airs!

Click here for mp3 of his past interview! 

Listen to Major on Home Talk USA 5/17-5/18!

Water Inc. is happy to announce that Major will be appearing on Home Talk USA once again this weekend! You can listen in to learn more about water filtration, our WQA certification and fluoride!

You have two chances to catch the show:

Saturday 5/17: 1-1:30pm PST

Sunday 5/18: 12-12:30pm PST

The easiest way to listen is to click on the link when it’s showtime:

You will see “Home Talk” with Michael’s picture and a play button. Push the play button and it will start going!

We hope you enjoy the show!

Get on Up with the Body Glove Water Filter Bottle!

Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean you need to spend the money and hurt the environment with bottled water. Hydration is important, but you don’t necessarily need bottled water to quench your thirst. Water filtration can help you ditch the plastic in your home, but did you know that water filtration can also help you on-the-go? Try out our Body Glove Water Filter Bottle.

Body Glove’s Filter Bottles have a built-in filter that provides clean, safe & great tasting water from any source (except the ocean). Our new 20 oz. bottle produces up to 100 gallons of filtered water per cartridge. This is the perfect way for anyone to stay hydrated while on-the-go: hiking, biking, travel, and any situation where you would have the burden of buying bottled water. For the 75% of water consumed away from home, this is a great sustainable solution.

One place where a lot of hard-working people are thirsty is on a movie set. Making a movie takes the collaboration of a lot of people working long hours. Production Coordinators on set of Universal’s Get on Upwanted to keep their cast and crew hydrated without all the waste of bottled water.

Body Glove International had a helping hand in quenching the thirst of the cast and crew on the set of Get on Up. Take a journey into one of the most influential figures of the 20th century, and travel through decades of the music, moods, and grooves of James Brown with Universal’s new release, Get on Up.

Get on Up is a chronicle of James Brown’s rise from extreme poverty to become one of the most influential musicians in history. Attention to every detail was meticulous with director Tate Taylor (The Help) and producers Brian Grazer and Mick Jagger, who were approached by the James Brown Estate to deliver the artist’s story to the screen.

Transforming the actors and environment into another time to tell Brown’s story was hard work on the Mississippi set of Get on Up. The forward-thinking production team was very environmentally conscious by wanting to minimize the use of plastic water bottles on set. Body GloveInternational was happy to have been a part of keeping the cast and crew hydrated (without the plastic) with their Body Glove Filter Bottles.

The dangerously funky Get on Up is in theatres now, and getting great reviews! Check our the trailer here.

Major and Michael King discuss EverHot instant hot water

Major will be talking with Michael King on Home Talk USA once again this weekend! You can listen in to learn more about how our EverHot Instant Hot Water is a necessary luxury for your kitchen.  There are many uses for instant hot water, and once you have an EverHot, you won’t be able to live without it!

You have two chances to catch the show this weekend:

• Saturday 7/19: 7:00 AM PST on the Lifestyle Talk Radio Network

• Sunday 7/20 7:00 AM PST on the Business Talk Radio Network

Click on the link for the network, and click on “Listen Live” in the top left-hand corner.

Thanks for listening!

Perlick Refrigeration

Host an evening of effortless entertainment with Perlick refrigeration in the comfort of your home. As your leading source for quality home products, Water Inc. brings Perlick refrigeration to provide you and your guests with luxury. Whether you are interested in bar equipment or under-counter refrigeration, Perlick refrigeration systems will transform your home entertaining experience, leaving you and your guests with countless memories.


Features of Perlick Refrigeration

All Perlick products are energy efficient and feature:

  • A stainless steel interior.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Stable temperatures.

Choose between a freezer, refrigerator, wine cabinet, or beer dispenser. Or pick two temperatures with Perlick’s new revolutionary dual-zone units. Store wine at the optimal temperature, and other drinks chilled at their optimal temperature, in the same system.

Other features of Perlick refrigeration may include:

  • Vinyl coated full-extension shelving with guardrails.
  • One or two tap dispensers for beer.
  • Vinyl coated racks to chill martini glasses and beer mugs.

With Perlick refrigeration, you can be the ultimate entertainer. Host an outdoor party with Perlick Beer Dispensers, or chill martini glasses in preparation for your home soirée. The uses are endless!

Contact Water Inc. For Your Home Products!

Whether you are interested in home products, including Perlick refrigeration, water filters, or filtration systems, Water Inc. is your number one stop for state-of-the-art products for the whole home. Don’t wait! Call 1-(800)-322-WATER today to learn which products are perfect for your home and entertainment usage!

Major and the Cajun Contractor

Major will be talking with Michael King on Home Talk USA once again this weekend! You can listen in to learn more about Water Inc.  and the ways we can improve your home.


Saturday 5/17: 8:30 AM PST

The easiest way to listen is to click on the link when it’s showtime:

You will see “Home Talk” with Michael’s picture and a play button.  Push the play button and it will start going.

If you want to catch up on past Home Talk USA episodes with Major & the Cajun Contractor, head on over to our Water Inc Interviews page.  We have February and March’s shows archived, and should be posting up more soon.

Thanks for listening!