Congratulations! You have purchased the best water filter money can buy. You will be saving hundreds of dollars over the cost of home delivered bottled water. Body Glove will provide you years of great tasting water right at your sink and/or refrigerator water dispenser.

To continue to enjoy the benefits of the bottled quality water achieved with your Body Glove Drinking Water System, the equipment must be maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions, which specifically include the replacement of filter cartridges at a frequency consistent with the system’s published capabilities and with the quality of the local water supply.

From the date of purchase, your Body Glove system is covered by a 12 month regular factory limited warranty (See manufacturer warranty). The special Water, Inc. Extended Warranty Program is offered to you after the regular factory warranty expires, no matter whether you are the original buyer of the system or the new owner at the installed location.

If you are an original buyer of an Body Glove Drinking Water System or the new owner of a property at which an Body Glove Drinking Water System is installed and now choose to participate in the Water, Inc. Special Extended Warranty, please click here to submit a registration form.

Your system will be warranted, including in home service, as long as you maintain annual documentation of the purchase and the proper installation of appropriate replacement cartridges.

To assist you in remembering the annual cartridge change to maintain your extended warranty, Water, Inc. will send you an annual post card with your Body Glove dealer’s name, address and phone number. Your dealer will be able to provide you with the appropriate Body Glove replacement cartridges on an annual basis at the price current at time of delivery plus appropriate taxes, shipping and handling costs. Should your dealer be unable to fulfill the terms of this agreement for any reason; Water, Inc. or an alternative supplier will be authorized to execute the agreement.

By choosing to participate in the Special Water, Inc. Extended Warranty Program, you can be assured that your system will be free of defects in materials and workmanship, and that replacement cartridges will be free from those same defects for as long as you maintain your system as described above.

To assure your Special Water, Inc, Extended Warranty Program does not lapse, you are required to purchase a replacement cartridge from your Body Glove dealer annually. Please keep a copy of your sales receipt as proof of purchase. Should you need service on your Body Glove Drinking Water System anytime in the future, your sales receipt will confirm you have met the requirement of regular cartridge replacements.

Our primary objective is to take care of you as one of our valued customers. To assist us in accomplishing this and to register your Body Glove Drinking Water system…