Drinking Water Filter Systems

Welcome to Body Glove Water Filter Systems: technologically advanced, economic, and sustainable. Each Body Glove System features a single-cartridge design with easy to change cartridges and a free recycle program! Choose a system below and start filtering your water today.

If you are interested in Reverse Osmosis water filtration, check out our HousePure brand RO system.

All of these systems install under your sink and connect to a filter faucet. Visit our faucets page to select one that matches your style. Upgrade to an EverHot or EverCold to maximize your hydration experience!

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Body Glove® BG-1000
Body Glove® BG-3000
Body Glove® BG-12000
BG Systems Comparison
Reverse Osmosis HP-RO-1000

**Everpure is a registered trademark of Everpure LLC.  Body Glove, 3M, and Water, Inc. are not affiliated, nor have a relationship with Everpure LLC.