Discover the Many Great Uses for EverHot!

Are you tired of having to wait for your microwave or kettle to heat up when you want to enjoy a steaming hot cup of instant coffee or tea? Then you should become acquainted with our EverHot Instant Hot Water System! With this device in your kitchen, you can enjoy your favorite instant, gourmet coffees and savory international teas you love when you want them.

With EverHot, you’ll get steaming, instant hot water on demand for all types of things you enjoy including instant coffee, teas, hot oatmeal and instant soups. This means you can say goodbye to those days when you’d have to stand at the sink waiting impatiently for the water to heat up to a useable temperature.

Why spend your precious time standing around waiting for your microwave or boiling kettle to finish heating up the water you need? With EverHot, you will get piping hot, 190 degree water instantly right at your fingertips!

Once you’ve installed and used EverHot just one time, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it. This is the type of product you’ll use all day, everyday in your kitchen. It’s ideal for the busy family on the go that doesn’t have time to wait for water to boil.

Enjoy the Versatility of EverHot

In addition to heating up hot water for instant coffee, tea, cocoa, cider, instant noodles & hot cereals, there are lots of uses for your EverHot instant hot water dispenser including:

  • Boil pasta water in no time for fast, hassle-free meals
  • Heat up the ice cream scoop for easy scooping
  • Soak cooking pans, pots and casserole dishes for easy, fast cleanup
  • Open stubborn jars easilyCarefully let the EverHot water run over the lid for easy removal
  • Remove labels fast
  • Quickly thaw frozen foods
  • Safely warm baby bottles

As you can see, there are many convenient uses for EverHot and we’re sure you can come up with a few more of your own! If you think for a moment just how often you use hot water, imagine how much time you can save so you can get things done quickly. EverHot gives you instant hot water at your fingertips so you can spend more time relaxing and doing what you want to do instead of having to wait for water to heat up.

Pair EverHot Instant Hot Water with a BodyGlove Water Filter

We recommend pairing your EverHot system with one of our Body Glove water filter systems. Because after all, everyone prefers good tasting hot water as opposed to water that isn’t quality. Our BodyGlove filter removes sediment from the water, which can easily build up in the tank to cause it to fail. This means that when you put filtered water into the EverHot, it will extend the life of the hot tank to give you more bang for your buck!

Instead of just having a HOT only faucet, a good idea is to have a dual lever faucet that features a HOT and COLD side with EverCold. Then, using the EverHot and one of our popular BG filtrations systems, you’ll have instant hot filtered water at your disposal on the left and clean, chilled filtered water on the right.

Easy to Put in & Energy-Friendly!

The compact, half-gallon reservoir installs easily under your sink and with it’s generous capacity of sixty cups of hot water per hour, you’ll never again run out of steaming hot water when you need it. EverHot is energy-friendly as it uses less electricity than a 40-watt light bub and costs less than $2 to use each month.

With fall here and winter on its way, this is the time of the year when your family uses more hot water than ever. From needing hot water for those warming delicious teas for yourself and cups of soothing hot cocoa for the kids, EverHot is sure to become your favorite item in the kitchen when the temperatures dip.

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  • Yuzo Ishizaki

    I have a Everhot Hot Water Dispenser Ultimate AH-1300 and old faucet connect to this has leaking , so I want to buy a new faucet . Will you recommend any faucet to be able to connect to The Ultimate(AH-1300)

    • Michele Gravina

      Hi there! We are so sorry, we are just seeing this old message. Please contact our main office and the service department can help you with a fix, or how to get a new faucet. 1-800-322-9283. Thank you for your business and support.

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