Raw Water: Asking for Dysentery

Should I use a reverse osmosis water filter?

I am laughing physically out loud, as I have now perhaps read it all. I am kidding; of course, I know there will be another new hair-brained trend that starts tomorrow. But for today, I have heard it all, especially when it comes to my industry – water filtration.

The Raw Water trend. Drinking “raw water.” NBC, Washington Post, New York Times, Forbes, just to name a few are talking about this. It’s a real thing I guess.

Raw Water defined by Wikipedia =  Raw water is natural water found in the environment that has not been treated and does not have any of its minerals, ions, particles, bacteria, or parasites removed. Raw water includes rainwater, groundwater, water from infiltration wells, and water from bodies like lakes and rivers.

Between all the buzz of raw foods, whole foods, superfoods, living foods, and just getting as “unprocessed” as possible, maybe this was the next logical step for those seeking the next level in health trends.  They can’t think of anything else to eat raw so let’s move on to what we drink. There are pressed juice, kombuchas, unpasteurized and raw milk, etc. Why not try water in the “raw? ” We all know there are risks to drinking raw and unpasteurized items. I was just pregnant, and all these things are on the “no-no” list while pregnant for a reason.  Those same risks (if not more) are present with raw, untreated, unfiltered water. Raw water sounds like you are asking for a case of dysentery to me!

So thinks Wikipedia, too.  The definition goes on to say “….Raw water is unsafe for human consumption due to the presence of contaminants. A major health problem in some developing countries is the use of raw water for drinking and cooking.” Duh.  

Here’s the deal. If the raw water trend is appealing because you doubt municipal water treatments safety or efficacy, or you have old rusty pipes at home or work,  just filter your water yourself. Ask yourself what you want your filter to do?  Some people want the extra stuff (naturally occurring minerals) in their water, and others just want simple, pure H-2-O.

If you like the flavor and the benefits of the naturally occurring minerals from your water supply, use a fine carbon filtration system. I like to say that our line of Body Glove Water Filter Systems filter out bad and leave in the good. Depending on the filter you choose (BG1000, BG3000, BG120000, or BG6000FF), it will take out the chlorine and chloramines from municipal treatment, lead, other harmful chemicals, and even pharmaceuticals.

If you want to remove minerals, such as fluoride, in addition to the things mentioned above, opt for a Reverse Osmosis system.  Although a reverse osmosis water filter wastes water to make water, it leaves you with pure H2O.

Raw water? Heck no! If you’re concerned about your health and well-being leave the “raw” for your sushi plate and drink your water filtered.

Michele Avignon Gravina

Water, Inc’s brand ambassador &

Self-proclaimed filtered water snob.