bodyglove water filters vs plastic

The Reality of Recycling

Did You Know?

Recently we read an eye‐opening article from the New York Times regarding China and their ban on recycling plastics and paper products from other countries. Click here to read the article.

The United States has been sending millions of tons of scrap paper and scrap plastics annually to China, but China will no longer be accepting our materials for recycling. Now we (and many other parts of the world) are scrambling to figure out what to do with our 6th largest export to China.

Is Recycling Really Working?

What this New York Times article makes us think about is the reality of recycling, which we’d venture to guess a lot of folks aren’t apprised of. We think we are doing our part when we toss our single‐use, individual serving sized bottled water container into the recycling bin. But maybe we shouldn’t be using those bottles in the first place. Putting plastic bottles in the recycle bin isn’t a magical solution that easily makes the bottle disappear.

The reality of recycling: it takes a lot of energy and resources to do make it happen. The scrap plastic has to be processed and washed at our local facilities (using energy and water to do so). Then it must be transported all the way to China (costing more gas and emissions)! Then you need to use equipment to actually recycle it (more emissions, energy, and pollution). Some people do the calculations and think recycling is kind of “a wash” in terms of what it costs to the environment. And now, China isn’t going to recycle it for us, so where is it all gonna go?

How Can You Do Your Part?

We at Water, Inc. feel very strongly about bottled water, and this is yet another reason to stop buying and using it. We offer our line of Body Glove Water Filter Systems as an alternative for you to refill your drinking container.

One BG‐12000 cartridge gives you about a year’s worth of filtered water.

Want to know how many plastic water bottles that saves from the trash or recycling?

7,573 Plastic Bottles!

And as an extra step, we have a free and easy recycle program for the cartridge. So that’s one cartridge that needs to be recycled vs. over 7,000 bottles each year. That seems like a good common sense tradeoff!

Please click here to visit our website today to find the water filtration system that’s right for you and for our environment.

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